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Micah Gardner: Micah Gardner


2015 Schedule

Mondays:  oo-tray  8p - Midnight

Tuesdays:  Marker 88  6p - 9p

Wednesdays:  Island Grill 6p - 9p

Thursdays:  Book a Kayak Tour with Me @ The Kayak Shack, Robbies Marina

Fridays:  Robbie's Hungry Tarpon 5p - 9p

Saturdays:  Morada Bay  2p - Sunset

Sundays:  Islander Resort  1p - 5p w Richard Foulk on Percussion



Honorary Mayor Gonzo...The Last Keys Critter Video…


Starting in January, I'm available from 10 to 2 in the afternoon for Eco and Historical Paddle Board and Kayak Tours out of Robbie's Marina Kayak Shack. It's a great way to enjoy the water and learn about it's surroundings.

The KAYAK SHACK contact number is:


"And Now for Something

Completely Different", Ann Elk

Jan 23rd and 24th, 2015

I've been invited to Utah to play a few sets at the

Sundance Film Festival

Indie Lounge!

Thank You Nomadic State of Mind & Daniel Thompson 

Even More...

Check out the New CD 

 The Trial of Miles 

which is available for digital download at


or Itunes


Music Downloads available on iTunes & CDBaby

CD - The Trial of Miles: Trial of Miles, One Step, Slip Away, Leonard, Rich Man, Look Back, Glass of Water, Days Go By, Shipwreck/Green Flash, Sunshine Billionaire, Beautiful Evening, Slip Away Jam

Whether you are driving, sailing, hiking or flying, this cross-genre collection of songs is perfect for traveling.
Thanks to all of the friends and folks around the country who have supported my music over the years and especially Islamorada and The Florida Keys. Hope this one travels with each of you for a long while!
Special Thanks to Jon "Guggy" Guggenheim at C-Town Sounds for taking the time to engineer and produce the project. 

A break down of the songs...
The TRIAL OF MILES is a reggae/shuffle tune that asks the question are you running to or from, written after several years of listening to Felix/20Weight and Pink Floyd paired with my life experience as a long distance runner.
ONE LOVE is a G-Love and The Special Sauce inspired tune written by Greg Hagbery. It has been my favorite tune for many years and I hope I did it justice. Great Lyrics! Recorded with permission! Thanks!
SLIP AWAY is an Allman Brother/reggae jam with lyrics by Greg and Me. Inspired road trip music created to fill in several hours at The Big Fish in 2002 in Key Largo on a Sunday night gig that started at 10 and ended at 3am…Karma Truck Days!
LEONARD is a John Prine/Gram Parsons inspired country waltz about a cowboy who moves to Los Angeles from Boise, Idaho to raise his kids. If you can't play "Home on the Range", you don't know nothin' about music. That's Andy Leach on pedal steel guitar! Thanks. 
RICH MAN is a chill R&B gospel song about a man with AIDS who comforts friends and family with his pride and faith. Life in the Florida Keys is alternative and accepted. Comforting people is often forgotten; it takes a lot of effort to care. 
LOOK BACK is an Allman Brother/David Feder inspired finger style song dedicated to my wife Stephanie. A dear friend gave us a quote from Aristotle that said, "Love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies". Thank You Helen and TJ.
GLASS OF WATER is a song inspired by an old poet I knew too briefly, named Raul Clayton. The music is a blend of Bruce Hornsby/Widespread Panic. Tim Longfellow added the great intro…thanks Tim!
DAYS GO BY is a song inspired by love. Originally written as a pop song by Andy Patterson and myself when we were in the band Carnegie Tide in Ft. Lauderdale. I decided to change it to a personal finger style song that is lyrically from the perspective of separated lovers in which one who has passed on is now waiting at the gates of heaven for their lover to arrive and continue their journey together. 
SHIPWRECK/GREEN FLASH… Pirate Pink Floyd inspired tune about Miles Fathoms who has just sailed into a hurricane, survived only to breath her last breathe as the green flash burns along with her last moment. Many thanks to Dave Baker on lead guitar, Walter Barnes on Bass, Myron Gardner on drums and Neil Chastain on percussion who were incredibly easy to work with in the studio. This is a great song to play live…
SUNSHINE BILLIONAIRE is a Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks inspired fun song. "I would rather be broke with a tan"… It's good to be back home…
BEAUTIFUL EVENING is a blues inspired evening closer… "Everybody hears a different song"… 
SLIP AWAY JAM is a reggae outro. Thanks to Ryan Wilson from 20wt for lending some of his guitar work. "We must be on our way"…

The CD is dedicated to Coach Glenn Lee of CGHS in Ft. Lauderdale and my father Marty Hagbery for all of the positive words and direction over the years. The CD TITLE comes from one of the greatest books on running, Once a Runner written by John L Parker. 
So, whether your journey is to or from, the path to betterment is paved with positive thinking and hard work. Love, compassion, faith, pride, life and the afterlife…The Trial of Miles 

CD - Tales from the DocksideSunshine Billionaire, Last Keys Critter, The One, Tropical Hibernation, Eye Catcher Signs, Shipwreck, Dog on a Chain, Nursery Rhyme, Wind, Temptation Blanket, Barstool  Sailor/Defiant Tree

CD - The Backside of SunriseShutters, Tan Girl, Blink, Nightfishing, Barstool Sailing, Low on Money, High on Life, Always, Castle, Drive, Tidalwave Dave vs. Big Moe the Hammerhead Shark, Califloridian to order CD's in Hard Copy

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