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Clean H2O Save Manatees!: Micah Gardner

The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee_resized

Friends, Fans and Island Family

An Educational Cartoon Coloring Activity Book

  The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee!

Written by Micah and Stephanie Gardner and illustrated by Greg Hagbery.

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"The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee",

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 Humphrey the Manatee and his best friend, Lemme Fishmore also known as "The Last Keys Critter" search for a solution to cleaning up the Florida Bay after learning that the water is polluted with Giant Green Algae Blooms and Red Tide Monsters which destroy the fish and wildlife.

Humphrey and his manatee friends:  Marjory, Socrates and Sholtzee journey from Barefoot Key to the River of Gross. When they return, Lemme Fishmore leads Humphrey to marine biologists Wade and Shelly Waters. They provide Humphrey and his friends a list of solutions that will shrink the Giant Green Algae Blooms and Red Tide Monsters.

Locations to find Humphrey in the Florida Keys

In Islamorada: Ucumbe in the Village Square , Maya's Boutique at Morada Bay, Kayak Shack at Robbie's Marina, The Otherside Kiteboard Shop, History Museum, Banyan Tree, The Island Grill, Guy Harvey's Outpost, Breezy Palms, Mangrove Mike's

In Key Largo: Florida Bay Outfitters, Randy's Gift's

In Key West: Koz's Green World Gallery 

 Cheers to Everyone who is carrying Humphrey!

Hi Everybody, 
Thanks for liking Humphrey the Manatee.  
Thanks to Everyone who has placed an order with, including The Everglades Foundation. I hope coloring book folks enjoy it and learn from it over the summer. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading up and learning about a Florida educational online program created a few years ago for teachers and parents who home school their kids. It is called CPALMS. I've haven't created a proper lesson plan or taught in the classroom for over 15 years, so my approach may be a little askew. I ask myself, "How would Lemme Fishmore, Eric Idle or Michael Palin go about teaching English and Science lessons from a manatee's adventure"? Share your thoughts…
And… "Now for something completely different…"
Humphrey's next adventure requires him searching for someone creative and with eco-adequate computer skills and turning "The Adventures of Humphrey the Manatee" into an Ebook for kids. If you know of anyone or you yourself are seriously interested please let me know. Cheers


On a different note, Cheers to Everyone who caught a show and Thank You for another great season of playing original islandgrass music in the Florida Keys. 

OoTray, Marker 88, Island Grill, Morada Bay and Islander Sundays…Thank You! 

Richard Foulk: A friend and incredible drummer/percussionist/steel drum and all around great musician is available and loves to play live. (828)333-2922 Keep him busy till I get back!


Clean Waters Save Manatees