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Micah "Barstool Sailor": Micah Gardner


Florida Keys 2016 Season Schedule!

Jan to May

Tue: Marker 88 from 6 to 9

Wed: Island Grill 6 to 9

Thu: Florida Keys Brewery 11 to 7 Bar Tending

Fri: Morada Bay 12 to 2/ 5 to 7pm

Sat: Ootray 8 to Midnight

Available for Kayak Tours  or Private Parties Sunday and Mondays

I  will have copies of The Adventures of Humphrey the Manatee this season and hope to find a location to do a family day reading to promote Saving the Manatee and Clean Water. Let me know if you would be interested in helping to make it happen. Cheers

Thanks for visiting…Cheers

Cover of Humphrey the Manatee_resized