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Micah "Barstool Sailor": Micah Gardner


Heading back to the Keys for the 2016 Season!

Hope to see all my island friends at

The Florida Keys Brewery Sunday

November 29th, 3 to 7! Cheers

Wishing everyone a great Winter. I've added a few more songs for download that also play and ask those who are interested in the Humphrey the Manatee coloring book to check it out when you have time. I post most of what's happening on my FB page these days yet I come back here to add photos and songs from time to time.  The song order starts with Trial of Miles, Tropical Hibernation, Leonard, Slip Away, One Step, Humphrey the Manatee, Shipwreck, Glass of Water, Rich Man and Drive...


The van is loaded, tank is full and travel tunes arranged…gemini gypsy, down from the mountains back to the ocean…Thanks to my wife Steph and to Everyone who has made it possible to return to couch surf and do what I love the most in life…Play Music!!… also this year, I'm stoked that I will be bar tending over at Florida Keys Brewery on Thursdays 11 to 7 so come by say hi and have a great beer…thank you Craig and Cheryl… If anyone is interested, I will be giving Paddle Board and Kayak Tours out of The Kayak Shack at Robbies and I have created a fun paddle board game that we will be introducing on a Sunday very soon!!! Thanks to Jon and Paul for hiring me back at the Shack
.… Here is a glance at the upcoming week...
Sun Nov 29 at the Florida Keys Brewery 3 to 7! Cheers!!
Thur Dec 3 –Bartending at Florida Keys Brewery 11 to 7
Fri Dec 4th at Morada Bay from 3 to 7…Sunset Celebration!
Sat Dec 5th at Ootray from 8 to 12… Late Night Celebration! 
Sun Dec 6th getting on the water, 
Mon Dec 7th at Dockside Tropical Café in Marathon from 5 to 9
Tue Dec 8th at Marker 88 from 6 to 9
Finally, I have copies of The Adventures of Humphrey the Manatee and hope to find a location to do a family day reading to promote Saving the Manatee and Clean Water. Let me know if you would be interested in helping to make it happen. Cheers

Thanks for visiting…Cheers

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