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Micah Gardner: Good Vibe Links

Save the Manatee
Please register and adopt a manatee. They will forever need our help as long as we inhabit their waters. You control my destiny...Humphery the Manatee.
Adventure Writer's Bill and Mary Burnham
Since meeting as newspaper reporters 15 years ago, Bill & Mary Burnham have managed to blend their love of outdoor adventure, writing and photography into a dual freelance career. In 2003, after attending a travel writing workshop in Key West and a memorable paddle across unbelievably clear blue waters, they ditched everything and moved to Key Largo to work at Florida Bay Outfitters. They spent the next two years researching the Florida Keys Paddling Atlas, poking their bows into every mangrove creek and exploring the 100-mile island chain, Bill with a tape recorder and GPS, Mary with waterproof camera. They met Micah at a gig at the Big Fish and they’ve been friends ever since. In 2005, they again put everything in storage and hit the road for two new books: The Florida Beach Guide and Wild Florida Islands. For six months they traveled the entire Florida coast, living out of their Subaru and paddling out to every island they could, from the Panhandle to the Space Coast. Two memorable 10-day paddles involved blogging along the way, laptop stored in a dry hatch, downloading photos and impressions at night and going online with a wireless Internet card. Due for a rest, in 2006 they headed to Virginia’s Eastern Shore, where Mary’s family lives. In summer they lead kayak tours for SouthEast Expeditions, but in the winter, they head back to the Keys!
Otherside Kiteboarding
Seasoned and certified instruction from some of the most chillin humans. Get out and do this. Kiteboarding has No age limit and as long as you live the wind will never stop blowing. Sooner you start, the longer you enjoy! 305 - 853 - 9728
Nomadic State of Mind
Environment minded people go check out the Homemade Rope Sandals and positive T-Shirts ...Contact Chris A portion of the proceeds go to the folks in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. This is a truly positive site.
Surfrider foundation has been doing what needs to be done to keep the ocean clean...they need our support. Not just for those who surf...but fisherman and beachgoers alike. Join and make a difference. Right On.
Rob Mehl
Laid Back Cat from the Pacific. The kind of personality and music that puts a smile on your face. Fantastic Elastic Vibe
Dave Feder
...Hillbilly Flamenco, An irresistible audio image. You have to listen to it at least once just to see what it means. And it pulls you in. His music is smooth and sweet and gentle but not too much. You know what I mean? There's a rural, outdoorsy freedom that swings just where it should. There's also a hardly hidden, say, low profile kind of melancholy thread woven through it that, for me, gives David's music it's greatest opportunity for greatness. A universality. Call it a bond of sympathy among countless souls. This might sound heavy but it isn't. David's hands flutter around a guitar creating cascades of sparkling notes; some drift away, others fall into places in ourselves seemingly pre-shaped just to hold them. Not one note is thrown away, a quality shared with only the best writers, composers. Tyler Everett The Independent Tyler Everett - The Independent (Oct 15, 2003)
Originally from Key Largo in the Florida Keys relocated North to is an original and ecclectic mix. To this day I still can't pin down their sound. Politically Heavy lyrics...(Reminds me of Black Sabbath bumping into Bob Marley at a party and they started writing some powerful music)...hope that helps. Give them a listen, for damn sure catch them live, bring a diaper in case you #@!* yourself.