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Micah Gardner: Humphrey the Manatee

Humphrey the Manatee - August 24, 2015

Friends, Fans and Island Family

An Educational Cartoon Coloring Activity Book

  The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee!

Written by Micah and Stephanie Gardner and illustrated by Greg Hagbery.

If you are interested in ordering

"The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee", 

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Humphrey the Manatee

I'm Humphrey the Manatee
The sea cow of Barefoot Key
Please be aware of me
You control my destiny
I'm Humphrey …"The Manatee"

I'm Humphrey the Manatee
Elephants in my family tree
The original merman in history
I'm peacefully and playfully
I'm Humphrey…"The Manatee"

Let's Go Swimming! "Bloop Bloop Bloop"

I'm Humphrey the Manatee
With my manatee family
Full of Curiosity
No Wake, No How
Everybody wave at me
I'm Humphrey ..."The Manatee"

Over time my population grew thin
In warm waters I love to swim
Red Tide is not a thing of the past
Prop scars chewing up sea grass
Lemme Fishmore, Wade and Shelly
Tidal Wave Dave, Miles and Billy
Tragedies in the Keys have occured
Humphrey's adventure needs to be heard!

I'm Humphrey the Manatee
The sea cow of Barefoot Key
Please be aware of me
You control my destiny
I'm Humphrey…"The Manatee"

Humphrey the Manatee and his best friend Lemme Fishmore, also known as "The Last Keys Critter", are searching for solutions to cleaning up the Florida Bay after learning that the water is polluted with Giant Green Algae Blooms and Red Tide Monsters, which destroy the fish and wildlife.

Humphrey and his manatee friends:  Marjory, Socrates and Sholtzee journey from Barefoot Key to the River of Gross. When they return, Lemme Fishmore leads Humphrey to marine biologists Wade and Shelly Waters. They provide Humphrey and his friends a list of solutions that will shrink the Giant Green Algae Blooms and Red Tide Monsters and Save Humphrey and his manatee family!

Here are a few locations that carry  "The Adventure's of Humphrey the Manatee Coloring Book" in the Florida Keys

In Islamorada: Ucumbe in the Village Square , Maya's Boutique at Morada Bay, Kayak Shack at Robbie's Marina, The Otherside Kiteboard Shop, History Museum, Banyan Tree, The Island Grill, Guy Harvey's Outpost, Breezy Palms, Mangrove Mike's

In Key Largo: Florida Bay Outfitters, Randy's Gift's

In Key West: Koz's Green World Gallery 

 Cheers to Everyone who is carrying Humphrey!

Don't forget to Adopt-A-Manatee at 


Clean Waters Save Manatees

Humphrey's timeline... - August 4, 2015


Thanks for giving the song a listen. I hope it finds a spot on in your heart for the plight of the manatees...don’t forget you can help by adopting a manatee at

I hope you don't mind me sharing…

My wife Stephanie, Brother Greg and I recently collaborated on an eco friendly coloring book that traces its origins to the original song “Humphrey the Manatee”

Here’s some quick background about this special tune. This is my very first song and ironically, I have been grateful to sing this one for kids and adults for over 22 years.

In 1992, I started writing a series of short stories in a journal about a real manatee my friends Bill and Suzanne French and I called Humphrey…named after Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca. I have always enjoyed music so thankfully…

I was lucky enough to spend many years learning to play guitar while care taking and repairing the French’s beautiful, three story octagon cedar house in the Florida Keys. When the work was done, it was blissful hours sitting at the edge of the dock strumming the guitar and observing the easiness of the manatees. One afternoon, I counted 17 manatees as they ate sea grass off the bottom of the lagoon leading into Sandy Cove Marina. There’s a thick mangrove or “honeycomb hideout” that sits 15 feet out over the water and manatees swim up and hang out in the shade. My friend Sammie “Gonzo” Mayes shot the video for the song the Last Keys Critter at the house a few years back. You can find the video link on my homepage.

In 1994, on one of my own Northern adventures, I taught 4rd grade students at Sea Road Elementary in Kennebunk, Maine for a year. In the middle of winter, the school required a weeklong lesson teaching the students about an endangered animal.  Tropical Hibernation had set in and I took it as an opportunity to share some island knowledge with a bunch of kids from Maine. By the end of the week, they were all about manatees. The class and I sang Humphrey the Manatee for the first time at an assembly and the kids were great. Cheers to Sea Road Elementary!

I moved back to the Keys Spring of 1995 then took a teaching position at Cardinal Gibbons in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. that Fall. 

Musically, Humphrey the Manatee, He Went to Paris, Capt. and the Kid, Cat’s in the Cradle and Scotch and Soda were weekend sing along on the dock whenever it was possible to get South.

Starting in 1996, Humphrey the Manatee followed me though several summers while working at a wonderful camp called Camp Highlander in Mills River, NC just outside of Asheville, NC. At the time, Camp Highlander was owned by Pine Crest Schools in Ft. Lauderdale, FL so many of the kids were from South Florida. They were familiar with manatees, so at night my dog Pepper and I enjoyed singing and making up simple Humphrey stores and naming other manatee characters after kids in the cabins, this was especially fun for the kids in Jr. Camp.  

Pepper and I moved back full time to Lower Matecumbe Key in 2000 to try a change of lifestyle from HS teacher to that of a Kayak Guide at Robbie’s Marina and also a solo musician. The only original song out of the 14 songs I knew how to play and sing was Humphrey the Manatee. Lets just say, I gave a lot more kayak tours out of the Kayak Shack in those first couple of years before landing some musical gigs.

I would tell stories about Humphrey the Manatee to my customers while paddling through the mangrove tunnels or out to Indian Key. When we came across a manatee or several manatees they would cheer for Humphrey and his family. I had gone to University of Miami, studied History/Florida Keys History and teaching from the water was amazing. Cheers to Lynn for the job of a lifetime and John Simmons owner of "The Shack" for keeping me and Pepper Dog around through the lean times and eventually over a decade. I wrote many songs inside the Kayak Shack during the slow afternoons in the Keys.

I’m getting ahead of myself…

Back in the Fall of 2002, before heading on a surfing adventure with Tidal Wave Dave, Marchello and Dominic to Costa Rica, I raced over to do a rough demo recording of Humphrey the Manatee at Local Legend Billy Davidson's travel trailer. Billy and his wife Cindy and daughter Natalie lived at the end of the street on Gulfview Dr. and the end of El Capitan Dr. Billy Davidson is Jimmy Lime, I’ll explain later, that’s another song.

Hours before I left for Costa Rica; I recorded and added a few more acoustic songs I had written, over at Dana Collin's apartment when he lived on Irving Eyster's property at MM 75. Both Billy and Dana are heroes of mine in the Florida Keys music scene. Thanks for the positive vibes! 

Because I hadn't yet learned how to play guitar in time very well or sing very well either: that version is kind of embarrassing but Dana did a great job with mixing what I had left him with before Costa and he even played a great solo on a wedding song I wrote for some friends called Always.  When I returned, I reluctantly released the demo called Days Go By. It was good enough at the time to get gigs but it is really really hard to sit through and listen to... haha.

Sadly in 2009, my friend Suzanne French was very ill and as a last request asked me to write a play about Humphrey the Manatee. So far it has only had a one time performance at a local Islamorada Festival promoted by my guitar teacher and friend Dave Feder called Bay Jam.March 20, 2010. I wish she had been there to enjoy it.

Lemme Fishmore made his debut as the Last Keys Critter and has become a major personality in the Humphrey Adventures. Pepper joined me onstage and Wood Campbell and the rest of the community helped me through the lose of a great friend who had been there from day one in the creation of Humphrey.  Cheers to Everyone who played a character. Those characters from the play are now in the coloring book.  

That brings us up to the now. We are in serious times. The water of Florida Bay is polluted and our habitat is disappearing. The manatees have been the aquatic canary in the coal mines for a long time and it saddens me to think that Humphrey and his manatee family may become extinct. 

In 2015 I called up a good friend and producer Jon "Guggy" Guggenheim in Cleveland where I did my last Cd, The Trial of Miles and explained the urgency to bring some musicians together and capture and share  Humphrey the Manatee the song. I hope you enjoy the message and the melody; the kids laughing brought it all home for me. If anyone is interested in the coloring book, folks can go directly to or find the link on the opening page of or Humphrey the Manatee on Facebook. A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Save the Manatee Organization at the end of the year. 


Thank you for your time,

Peace and Love,


Micah Gardner

Sunshine Billionaire/Barstool Sailor

Recording Humphrey the Manatee - July 22, 2015

Last Week, I had an whirlwind drive from Asheville and 48 hours at C-Town Studios in Cleveland, Ohio with long time friend and producer Jon "Guggy" Guggenheim and his dog Rosie to record the song Humphrey the Manatee
We started the 1st day with my acoustic guitar and vocals, followed by Tom Dowd's Criteria studio drummer James Wall and premier Cleveland's jazz bassist Alfredo Guerrieri. 
When I spoke with Guggy, I explained that I had always heard Humphrey the Manatee as chill kid jazzy song. I asked if we could create something kid jazzy and Jimmy and Alfredo nailed it! Thanks Jimmy and Alfredo! 
Thanks also to Wes, the studio intern from University of Miami, Ohio!
On second day, some amazing kid singers dropped by and Jeremy, Carley, Madeline and Carson came in and crushed it!!! "The Manatee", "Bloop, bloop bloop", and "Humphrey's adventure needs to be heard"!! Thanks!!! 
Very cool...While we were mixing, Navy Seal Chris Heben visited the studio and I had a chance to catch up on world events and hear his song "Patriot", which Guggy helped him with in Nashville. Chris is a motivating presence and the song is equally as powerful.  
Special thanks to the incredible Dave Baker who sent his jazzy guitar files from Nashville to the studio while he's busy working on several other projects with Kellie Pickler and writing articles for Guitar Magazine. Dave was also the guitarist on my last Cd, "The Trial of Miles" so it was great to collaborate with him again. Thanks Dave!!
All in All...It was a though out group effort to create a song I have sung solo for over 22 years finally get a proper recording. 
I hope everyone that gets a chance to hear it is inspired to read about Humphrey's adventure. I should have the song Humphrey the Manatee available for download within the week. 
Thank You Guggy!!! 
Humphrey the Manatee has it's own Facebook page if you get a chance to like it. It will also lead you to where you can order the coloring book. 

Micah Music Info - June 1, 2015

 The Trial of Miles 

which is available for digital download at


or Itunes


Music Downloads available on iTunes & CDBaby

CD - The Trial of Miles: Trial of Miles, One Step, Slip Away, Leonard, Rich Man, Look Back, Glass of Water, Days Go By, Shipwreck/Green Flash, Sunshine Billionaire, Beautiful Evening, Slip Away Jam

Whether you are driving, sailing, hiking or flying, this cross-genre collection of songs is perfect for traveling.
Thanks to all of the friends and folks around the country who have supported my music over the years and especially Islamorada and The Florida Keys. Hope this one travels with each of you for a long while!
Special Thanks to Jon "Guggy" Guggenheim at C-Town Sounds for taking the time to engineer and produce the project. 

A break down of the songs...
The TRIAL OF MILES is a reggae/shuffle tune that asks the question are you running to or from, written after several years of listening to Felix/20Weight and Pink Floyd paired with my life experience as a long distance runner.
ONE LOVE is a G-Love and The Special Sauce inspired tune written by Greg Hagbery. It has been my favorite tune for many years and I hope I did it justice. Great Lyrics! Recorded with permission! Thanks!
SLIP AWAY is an Allman Brother/reggae jam with lyrics by Greg and Me. Inspired road trip music created to fill in several hours at The Big Fish in 2002 in Key Largo on a Sunday night gig that started at 10 and ended at 3am…Karma Truck Days!
LEONARD is a John Prine/Gram Parsons inspired country waltz about a cowboy who moves to Los Angeles from Boise, Idaho to raise his kids. If you can't play "Home on the Range", you don't know nothin' about music. That's Andy Leach on pedal steel guitar! Thanks. 
RICH MAN is a chill R&B gospel song about a man with AIDS who comforts friends and family with his pride and faith. Life in the Florida Keys is alternative and accepted. Comforting people is often forgotten; it takes a lot of effort to care. 
LOOK BACK is an Allman Brother/David Feder inspired finger style song dedicated to my wife Stephanie. A dear friend gave us a quote from Aristotle that said, "Love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies". Thank You Helen and TJ.
GLASS OF WATER is a song inspired by an old poet I knew too briefly, named Raul Clayton. The music is a blend of Bruce Hornsby/Widespread Panic. Tim Longfellow added the great intro…thanks Tim!
DAYS GO BY is a song inspired by love. Originally written as a pop song by Andy Patterson and myself when we were in the band Carnegie Tide in Ft. Lauderdale. I decided to change it to a personal finger style song that is lyrically from the perspective of separated lovers in which one who has passed on is now waiting at the gates of heaven for their lover to arrive and continue their journey together. 
SHIPWRECK/GREEN FLASH… Pirate Pink Floyd inspired tune about Miles Fathoms who has just sailed into a hurricane, survived only to breath her last breathe as the green flash burns along with her last moment. Many thanks to Dave Baker on lead guitar, Walter Barnes on Bass, Myron Gardner on drums and Neil Chastain on percussion who were incredibly easy to work with in the studio. This is a great song to play live…
SUNSHINE BILLIONAIRE is a Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks inspired fun song. "I would rather be broke with a tan"… It's good to be back home…
BEAUTIFUL EVENING is a blues inspired evening closer… "Everybody hears a different song"… 
SLIP AWAY JAM is a reggae outro. Thanks to Ryan Wilson from 20wt for lending some of his guitar work. "We must be on our way"…

The CD is dedicated to Coach Glenn Lee of CGHS in Ft. Lauderdale and my father Marty Hagbery for all of the positive words and direction over the years. The CD TITLE comes from one of the greatest books on running, Once a Runner written by John L Parker. 
So, whether your journey is to or from, the path to betterment is paved with positive thinking and hard work. Love, compassion, faith, pride, life and the afterlife…The Trial of Miles 

CD - Tales from the DocksideSunshine Billionaire, Last Keys Critter, The One, Tropical Hibernation, Eye Catcher Signs, Shipwreck, Dog on a Chain, Nursery Rhyme, Wind, Temptation Blanket, Barstool  Sailor/Defiant Tree

CD - The Backside of SunriseShutters, Tan Girl, Blink, Nightfishing, Barstool Sailing, Low on Money, High on Life, Always, Castle, Drive, Tidalwave Dave vs. Big Moe the Hammerhead Shark, Califloridian to order CD's in Hard Copy

Facebook: Micah Gardner Music or Barstool Sailor

Shutter's Song on Youtube

Thanks for Supporting Original Music!

New CD - The Trial of Miles - November 6, 2013

The new CD, The Trial of Miles is in the mixing stages. I had an opportunity to go to Cleveland and record what I think will be my best music project to date. Hope to have it finished and released before the new year. Cheers

Buck Naked's Keys Kitchen TV Show - January 23, 2012

Something for everyone to check out...Chef Buck Naked's Keys Kitchen airs on Friday's at 7:30 p.m., Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8:30 p.m. on channels 19 and 87. Support your local Keys Critters us their imaginations!  Great Job Buck!!!

New Schedule 2012 - January 21, 2012

Moved a couple of night around and picked up a few new places to play...Excited about the Capt Tony's gig in Key West.  New Cd Tales from the Dockside is 90% finished.  Buck's TV show Keys Kitchen on Channel 87 airs at 8:30 on Sundays.  Buck used some of the music from Backside of Sunrise for it.  I still haven't had a chance to see it on my tv...I don't have cable!  Spent a few minutes in Key West last Wed and shot a short interview with Jenna and Rick from Channel 19.  Wicked nervous infront of the camera, hope it was okay played Sunshine Billionaire..they were great...Go Canes!  Dewey from Clear Channel interviewed me on Thursday at station played Last Keys Critter, The One and Barstool Sailing/Defiant Tree...whew...fell off the guitar a couple times haha.  We talked about musical influences and Barstool Sailor Inc.  These days my influences are all local musicians that I catch before or after a gig or at a benefit.  Marlin 2 are a great!!  Billy Davidsons new Cd is in my van and I get to jam out with Dave Feder on Sat nights at Morada Bay.  My girlfriend is from GA and thankfully turned me on to Zac Brown and Kenny Chesney a couple of years ago.  As for Barstool Sailor Inc...I'm excited.  We did the Surf Expo last weekend in Orlando with a good friend Chris Anderson who created Check out his site...I think the initial vibe was good and a great learning experience for the company.  Who knows!  Time to grab some coffee and get up to Key Largo...going to be a great night...

Downtime Southbound - October 4, 2011

You can't trace back the existence in real time
Kids with a box of crayons keeping it within the lines...

Vacation Touring - September 30, 2011

It's coming up on a month on the road and the gigs and visits have been great.
Gigging in Onancock, VA at Harborfest with Bill and Mary Burnham. Thanks to Johnny Mo for hooking me up with a PA system to cover the area. Kayaking around the area for an amazing sunset before heading to West Virginia. Steph, Pepper Dog and I then spent some time in Elkins, WV with Robbie and Wendy. Cold weather dropped 40 degrees in several hours when a thunderstorm rolled in over the mountains. Gotta dig camping...We played a fun house party in Beverly at The Buckey House. Fun Venue. Pennsylvania for family time with Mom and Grandma...
Off to Cleveland to visit Jon and Cindy Guggenhiem and play some gigs. The first night was 10x3 Open mic, reheased a night then played the Cropicana on Whiskey Island with Guggy's Band Rock N Roll 101 and The Nate Jones Band...Fun times. Steph ended up on stage for more songs than us. Her harmonies added a fantastic depth to the songs. Thanks to Walter, Joey, Tim and Hockey for keeping the groove. Back soon!!!

Short Tour up East Coast - July 11, 2011

Leaving in the morning with Dave, Nyan and Suzi for a quick tour of NC, Virginia and West Virginia. It will be the first time since the late 90's gigging on the road with's been a solo adventure for over a decade unless you count Pepper Dog...for Dave it may be even longer. It's amazing watching Nyan and Dave grow into an awesome duo... The shows at Morada Bay over the last couple of months have been incredible...really looking forward to the jams. We'll be playing a bunch of original music from the Keys. Hopefully, it will inspire some to pack up the car and head South in the Winter months. Pepper is staying home...he will be on tour with Steph and I in Sept/October. Life is good...Peace, Love and Music

June 22nd to June 27 - June 21, 2011

Flowing into another week of fun gigs and epic parties...
Bayside Grille Wed June 22nd 6 to 9, Rum Runners Thur June 23rd 6 to 10, Hungry Tarpon Fri June 24th 5:30 to 9:30, Sat...Off...Studio Day!...TJ's Pimp and Ho Party at Holiday Isle9 to early AM, Outback June 26th 5:30 to 9:30

May 19, 2011

Key Largo Singer Songwriter Fest today...3 to 6

Singer Songwriter Festival and Islamorada Film Festival - May 14, 2011

Hey Everybody, I will be playing at my first singersongwriter festival next Thursday May 19th at Snappers in Key Largo. It is from 4 to 6. I will be playing a writer round? 4 of us up on stage doing some original music...I know Scott Youngerberg will be one of the 4. Should be a fun afternoon...
Sunday May 22nd from 6 to 7:30 I'll be playing some music with Steph before the 1st Annual Islamorada Film Festival at Founders Park. Proceeds go to the United Way Foundation. Indie Films and Islandgrass Music!

Rum Runners - May 6, 2011

Thanks to everyone who keeps coming to catch the Thursday nights at Holiday Isle Rum Runners. I have been playing there off and on for a while with Kimmy behind the bar and have shared many a fun night with so many great locals. Peace

Endangered Speeches - April 12, 2011

Last weekend was full of musical suprises...Endangered Speeches. Go Check them out and vote to help a very talented band work there way into the Festivals...Some of the best original I have ever heard.

Bayjam this Sunday!!! No 17 - April 7, 2011

Barstool Sailor is a concept that was created to make hanging out with friends more fun. You get together on your day or night off, “sail “ to your favorite bar or even neighbors backyard and have some laughs. We often do it by boat in the Keys, but get creative with your group of friends. Wear the shirts and “create your own little paradise”!
Peace, Love and Good Times!
Hope to see you all I'm playing a 25 min
set at Bayjam and selling Barstool Sailor/Humphrey the Manatee/Tye Dye Tshirts at booth.

Thanks for all the support - March 29, 2011

I would like to say thanks to everyone who keeps coming out to the gigs week after week, year after year. It means the world to me to play music for my friends.

Hey Everybody!! - February 22, 2011

Working out some kinks on the website. Lots of great things happening. Thanks for your patience!

January 8, 2011

Morada Bay tonight with Nick Kimball and Luke Ptomey...Barstool Sailing
5:15 to 10:15

Barstool Sailors 2011 - December 5, 2010

Hey There...Barstool Sailor Nick Kimball is back from Maine and in Islamorada. He will be join me at Rum Runners and Morada Bay Thursdays and Saturdays for he upcoming season. Barstool Sailing!!!

Gamblin Bastool Sailing! - October 21, 2010

Heads up Thursday November 18th...I have a gig in at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek! Thanks to Britta and Jessica for setting it up!
I'll be playing 3 set: 8 to 9, 9:30 to 10:30 and 11 to 12. I'll post the set lists a couple of days before hand since I'll be digging back and relearning some Carnegie Tide Songs for a complete set tunes from my old band.

Summer Season - September 24, 2010

It's Fall in the Keys...last week of September and the weather is beginning to cool off... even the mosquitoes are laying off a little...Thanks to all of you who have made staying home and off the road for the Summer all worth it. Tidalwave Dave, Maria, Sparrow, Capt. Martini, Robert & Rebecca, Jeff, Spring, Feder's, Wood, TJ, Bobby and Stephanie...and all of the fishermen and friends from Outback, Morada Bay, Lorelei, Rum Runners, Robbies Marina and Jon at The Kayak Shack...Pepper and I say.."Thank You!" The songs recorded over the last couple of weeks really capture the great vibe of Islamorada. Peace, Love and Good Times

June 29, 2010

Waterspout weekend...Thur Rum Runner, Fri Robbie's... Rain, ran home to put boat in the mangroves... off to TJ's Pimp N Ho Party...always a good time, Late nite bars..., Sat Full Moon Party at Morada Bay early set 5 to 8 with Dana and gig no rain then over to GTurtle with band Feder caught fireworks from road long walk with Gypsy Barley and Pepper into AM, Sunday ... bad news always calls before noon...prayers and love for Jeff Eckblom. Ptomey at the Crib Meet and Greet Southbound Outback...monday...Sea Being Sunk Friends Float Pirate Code Drunk... Tuesday Done with the ride...Peace

William Chapman French Jr - June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday My Friend...Miss ya like a brother.

Thanks Everybody...Summer Gigs...2010 - June 4, 2010

Thanks to everyone who came to the Psychedelic Pirate Party last week at the Sparrows Nest. It was great to see so many friends out. The music was especially fun for me...Marlin 2 Revue, Dave and Nyan Feder and Rob Sweet. Pasta on congas along with Martini. Great card Claudia. Fire Dancing by Marreta. Chris from Outback helped set everything up but most Thanks to Wood from Fuzzy Buddha Productions!!!! I asked him to turn the inside of a marina into the inside of Jerry's brain and he pulled it off. Incredible lighting. Even greater appreciation to Richard Stanzik and Sparrow for letting me put on my 40th party at the Nest. Pepper Dog and I had a great time.
Peace, Love and Good Times

Summer Time..
Rum Runner's Thursdays
Hungry Tarpon Fridays
Morada Bay Saturdays
Outback Sundays
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