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Micah Gardner: Photos

Thursday's 11 to 7 at Florida Keys Brewery Miles Marker 81 on Morada Way! Cheers
Manatee Fest 2016 in Blue Springs. Thank You Capt. Martiney, Scott and Janna Trevisan! Good Times!!
Sunday Fishing with Tidal Wave Dave 2016
Tuesdays at Marker 88 in Islamorada, Florida
"Tidalwave" Dave Dive Guru
Lorelei Pencil Sketch of Pepper Dog by Maria Wagner...He's 13 and still giggin every Sunday Evening at Outback Tiki Bar.  Incredible Maria...Thank You.  He keeps me humble.
Papon, Me and Pops in Dominican Republic breaking for a pic after riding motorcycles in the country June 20th, 09
Vibe Guru Nomadic State of Mind!
Original Island Maurader
Bill and Mary Burnham...celebrating in Key West after finishing the first annual "Paddle Your Atlas Off Tour"!!!
Flippn Cups at Gary Bynums...Hurricane Season 2005
Congrats to The Walsh Family...Mike, Cody and Shana!  oTherSide Kiteboarding Islamorada
Treasure Hunters Dave, Micah and Wood
Lazy Dog...nice toe
Fellow Barstool Sailor Maritini with his wood burned ocean scene on his guitar...check out the sound hole cover he made out of a old shell.  Walking Creativity!  Nice Work Martini Late Night Jam at Morada Bay!
Isl AMOR ada
Lyrical mastermind ...Al Byno
William Chapman French Jr
Morning walks with Pepper
...then rehearsal...

Rum Runners Holiday Isle 2004 - 2014

Barstool Sailor Poster by Mike Willcox @ Rum Runner's on Thursday Nights
Rum Runner's with Karma Truck on Thursdays…Kimmy at the Bar
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